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How Do I Lower This Shipping Cost?


(1) The More You Ship, The Less Per Item - "Combine and Save"
Only ShopToMyDoor offers a consolidation service called "Combine and Save", where items from multiple stores are combined and shipped as one to lower your overall shipping cost. As with all shipping companies, a minimum charge applies to all shipments, and when you ship multiple small shipments, you end up paying multiple minimum charges. Combine and Save eliminates this multiple minimums by combining items from any number of stores and shipping them as one. The more stores you shop from, the more you save and can save up to 80% compared to other companies.

Combine and Save

HINT -  Wait until you have more items before shipping to get a lower shipping cost per item.

(2) Make Good Use of Your Free 21 Days "Combine and Save" Period

One service that makes Shoptomydoor loved by over 150,000 customers is our free combine and save service. With "Combine and Save", you can shop from multiple shops, have items arrive at different times, and they will all be shipped as one unit. This allows you to get the best deals from multiple stores and still enjoy the benefit of the lowest possible shipping cost. Below shows how "Combine and Save" lowered a customers cost from as much as $505.06 using the stores direct shipping option to just $38.72 using Shoptomydoor's Combine and Save option.

Consolidated Shipping

The more stores you shop from, the higher the savings become.

HINT - Shop the best deals from multiple stores, make use of our free 14 days consolidation service, ship as one and save upto 80%. 

(3) Request For Repackaging Always

Many items will arrive from stores such as Amazon with packaging boxes that are way bigger than the actual item been shipped. Unlike other companies that will ship items as they come in the same big box they came in, our free repackaging service removes items from bogus shipping boxes, and repack them to fit a much smaller space, thereby saving you lots of money on volume/dimensional weights. 


A knife received in this big box from Amazon

Total Weight = 2 pounds

Chargabele Weight = 5 pounds

Shipping Cost = $27.95   


        With free repackaging, same item is repacked in an envelope

        Total Weight = 2 pounds

         Chargabele Weight = 2 pounds

         Shipping Cost = $17.18

Google “item shipped in big box” to see how prevalent this issue is. You may have lost a lot over the years with other services

To request for our free repackaging service, simply log into your account, click on “My Accounts”, go to “Settings” and be sure to set your shipping preference as shown below, making sure to uncheck the second option. 

HINT - The right account setting can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the year. 

(4) Remove Shoe Boxes

If there is anything that can quickly drive up the cost of your shipment through excess volume weight, it is shipping shoes in their original boxes. We don’t use them anyway, so why ship them. 
To ensure we always save you money this way, be sure to log into your account, click on “My Accounts”, go to “Settings” and be sure to let us know to ship all shoes without the shoe boxes.
HINT - The right account setting can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the year. 

(5) Ship Via Ocean

Shipping via air can cost upwards of $3.5/pound, that for Ocean is typically less than $1/pound. As a rule of thumb, you save about 75% on Ocean shipping compared to air. For bulky items use Ocean option to save plenty money, while increasing your purchasing power. For Nigeria, Shoptomydoor now ships 3 to 4 containers weekly via Ocean with guaranteed delivery in 6 to 8 weeks. Remember, you get 20% refund on your shipping cost if we do not deliver within this time frame.
HINT - Save upto 75% on bulky items when you ship via sea with guaranteed delivery in 6 to 8 weeks.

(6) Request For a Split

Yes it happens. You see great deals online and you shop and shop, and then the bill via air becomes pretty large. With our split system, you can select to ship urgent items via air, and the less urgent via sea. Our system automatically detects a split request, and we charge a small. Once the payment is made, we will set some to go via air, and the rest via sea.
  HINT  - Ship urgent items via air, and others via sea by using the split option to save upto 75%.

(7) Pick Up From A Local Office

This will save you on extra dispatch cost to your door step. So if you are in the area where any of our local office is located, simple stop in to pick up your shipment. We look forward to see you.
HINT - Save on extra dispatch cost. Pick it up from our local office.