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Calculate and Lower Shipping Cost with Combine and Save

ShopToMyDoor offers a consolidation service that helps you know more on how to save on shipping cost. It is called "Combine and Save", where items from multiple stores are combined and shipped as one to lower your overall shipping cost. As with all shipping companies, a minimum charge applies to all shipments, and when you ship multiple small shipments, you end up paying multiple minimum charges. Our “Combine and Save” service eliminates this multiple minimum charges by combining items you buy from multiple online stores and shipping them as one. The more stores you shop from, the more you save and can save up to 80% on shipping cost compared to other companies. 
ShopToMyDoor allows you reduce shipping cost by combining all your items, this is made possible with our free 14 days warehouse storage, where items you buy from multiple online stores all get delivered to your assigned warehouse all within a period of 14 days, allowing you to combine all items and ship as a single package.

How Our "Combine and Save" Works



How to Lower Shipping Cost by Combining Shipments

Thinking of lowering your shipping cost? Follow the steps described below to learn how to combine and save on shipping cost

  • Sign up for free to create an account using the link below, if you already have one sign into your account
  • Shop online from multiple US & UK stores using your assigned automated warehouse address
  • Our free 14 days warehouse storage allows you combine all items you buy from multiple US & UK online stores before you wish to ship-out
  • Pay for all your items to be combined and shipped as one single package
  • You automatically lower your shipping cost & saving up to 80% on shipping cost when all your items are combined.

How our “Combine & Save” lowers your shipping cost

Item Shipping cost = $10 + Delivery Cost + Duty


  • The $10 is a fixed cost charged irrespective of the size of your shipment. This is constant.
  • Delivery cost is charged per pound (lbs) and it depends on the chargeable weight and delivery location.
  • The Duty is 10% of your declared shipments value and is added to the final door to door cost.


Examples of shipping your items separately  




Total amount you pay for shipping the 3 items separately => $13.85 + $66.12 +$387.20 = $467.17
Total amount you pay combining all 3 items => $3.845 + $56.12 + $377.2 + $10 (fixed charge) = $447.17
$467.17 (Shipping cost shipping separately) - $447.17 (Shipping cost using Combine & Save) = $20


This shows that you save as much as $20 when you combine all your items and ship as one single package.

Why use ShopToMyDoor?

  • We offer you free life-time addresses to shop immediately from any online store across USA & UK.
  • We give you an automated warehouse view. Items are received by your warehouse personnel and updated within 24 - 48 business hours into your assigned warehouse.
  • We offer you 14 days free storage in our warehouse – So you can buy more items from one or multiple online stores and ship out as a single package when you are ready.
  • Discounted Shipping Cost – Save up to 50% - 75% on your shipping cost compared to other major shippers. 
  • 24/7 Tracking – You will be amazed at how easy it is to use our platform to track all items. What's more, we keep you updated at every stage of your cargo movement with regular email & sms alerts, all backed with 16 hours of live customer support. 
  • Responsive customer service – We are available on Phone, Email and Chat. 
Start saving on shipping cost by combining your items, sign up for free with the link below:

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