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Refund Policy on Damaged Items and Shipping Cost to Nigeria

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100% Refund in 24 Hours with Shoptomydoor

In line with our core values to ensure customers experience stress-free shipping from online stores in USA and UK. We have provided a 100% refund policy in 24 hours. 
To ensure total comfort and satisfaction:
  • We guarantee 100% refund in 24 hours if anything happens to your items.
  • We will refund you 10% of your shipping cost if delivery of your items by air or ocean is not made within the time stipulated on our site. 

When is refund made?

Refund is made within 24hours after full verification of claim.

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  • Damaged items due to improper packaging/delivery of Incomplete Item
  • Loss of Item

10% refund of shipping cost is made on:

Late delivery of item

Exceptions: refunds are not applicable for:

Sub-standard items. All claims should be made against the seller. 
  • Prohibited items 
  • Items obtained by fraud
  • Delay caused by cargo airlines. This may arise due to bad weather, stop over and occasionally backlogs during festive period or holidays.


To claim any refund, all provisions of Shoptomydoor Terms and Conditions applies and must be duly met. Please, visit shoptomydoor Requirements to Get Your 100% Refund in 24 Hours to claim a refund.