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Shop For Me From Shoptomydoor – Your Personal Shopper



Shoptomydoor is here to assist you buy products that you love from US and UK online stores. We provide personal shopper solutions to issues such as lack of time due to your busy schedule, you have no idea of where to shop from, card payment difficulties and lots more.
Perhaps the most frustrating part is wasting time browsing, selecting products and then you are informed about their limited payment policies. Our new improved procurement/shopforme service is faster and easier now. You can simply place all your orders via one phone call. Shoptomydoor is also eager to save you lots of money:

  • There is no need travelling to shop when you have Shoptomydoor
  • No need worrying about what your baby needs after you have given birth in the US; or
  • Fretting over the items you need your big day or any special event like wedding, birthday, house-warming.

Shoptomydoor personal shopper team are available on phone, so you can talk to us immediately. Put a call through to us, place your order, get your total cost to pay and relax while we deliver to your door.

A lot of people love our personal shopper service for these major reasons:

  • Not being able to shop direct on some USA and UK online stores, because they decline their payments made from their Nigeria bank card.
  • Busy people who have very tight schedules and may not have the time to start searching for products on so many online stores in US/UK.
  • Shoptomydoor makes shopping stress-free, with direct access to over 100, 000 online stores in US and UK.

There are two easy ways you can use our personal shopper service to buy products you need from US and UK online stores.



Since 2009, Shoptomydoor has been developing relationships with various auction dealer, suppliers and merchants. You can trust us to source items whether they are common items, scares, newly produced or manufactured. Shoptomydoor’s Personal Shopper fee will be the higher of $15 or 10% per order above $150 and for purchases above $10,000 you pay just 5%.
With over 10 years of experience our personal shoppers do not just select items to buy, they go for the best quality at a reasonable price
  • Fast order – You can place your order in 15 minutes via phone.
  • 14 days free storage – There is no limit to the quantity you can buy.
  • We pay with our own card – Not to worry if a store declines your card, we will pay with ours, if they don’t accept yours. 
  • Consolidation to reduce shipping cost – You can place orders you need from one or multiple online stores in USA and UK. 
  • Delivery from 5 days via air shipping – You choose when you want to ship out on any of these days Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Sourcing of hard to find or scarce products – Our team of personal shoppers are trained to main relationship with international suppliers/merchants.






  • Free Address in US & UK: We offer you free life-time addresses to start shopping immediately from any online store across USA & UK.
  • Automated Warehouse View: Shoptomydoor receives your goods and update your warehouse in 24 – 48 hours. With this you can log into view your product, cost and see how much we save you when you ship that one item or all items as one shipment.
  • 50% - 70% Savings on Shipping Cost: Save up to 50% - 75% on your shipping cost compared to other major shippers. 

  • Sign up on shoptomydoor
  • Call or send email stating details of the car you want to buy (the car model and year)
  • Our personal shopper service will get to review and provide you a cost and once you make payment we buy, ship and deliver.

Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying quality products at affordable prices. Be rest assured of getting the best shipping prices as little #4,999.

Call us now on 0700 800 8000
or send email to